[Fate/Grand Order] Watanabe no Tsuna’s Voice Lines (with English Subs)

  • 2021.01.12
  • FGO
[Fate/Grand Order] Watanabe no Tsuna’s Voice Lines (with English Subs)


I’m looking forward for more Tsuna x Ibaraki scenes in the Chaldea in the future.

Tsuna released on Heian-kyō Lostbelt:

Lostbelt 5.5 Heian-kyo TVCM (with English Subs):


Height/Weight: 180 cm/77 kg
Source: Historical fact
Region: Japan
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
The strongest class of oni slayer in Japan.
He is at a rank where oni will flee on their own without even having to scatter roasted beans to ward them off.

Watanabe no Tsuna was a samurai who was active during the mid-Heian period.
As one of Minamoto no Raikou’s retainers, he, along with Sakata Kintoki, Usui Sadamitsu and Urabe no Suetake, were known as the Four Heavenly Kings of Yorimitsu.
Even amongst the group, Tsuna was the one Raikou held in the highest regard, and the other three members admired him as they would a brother.

A stray who lacked something from a young age. He realizes that being one of Raikou’s Four Heavenly Kings, a samurai, and an oni slayer has just barely made him look like a human being.

The only exception to that however, is the resplendent and cruel oni with golden hair.

Now, she is the only one who can stir up the emotions deep within Tsuna.


This video contain:
– My Room dialogues (All Ascensions)
– NP + EX Attacks (All Ascensions)


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